Double-clicking to open a file in a new window automatically opens a file with README in the name instead

Number:rdar://46352229 Date Originated:2018-11-29
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:Xcode Product Version:10.1
Classification:UI Bug Reproducible:Always

It seems that Xcode 10.1 has an automatic behaviour where, if there is a file whose name matches "*readme*" (case insensitive) in the name in the root of the project structure, when you open ANY FILE in the project using "open in new window" (by right clicking in project navigator and selecting "open in new window", or by double-clicking, if you have that set to "new window"), Xcode will:

1) open the file you asked to open
2) then immediately instead open the file whose name matches "*readme*"


I appreciate the convenience of automatically showing a README when opening a new project, but this should be restricted to

a) only happen when FIRST opening a new project, not every new window in that project, and certainly not overriding a request to open a specific file.
b) use regular expression matching on the filename that requires word-boundary matching around "readme", so that filenames like "breadmen" do not trigger this behaviour ever.

Steps to Reproduce:

1) Make a new Xcode Project
2) Add a file in the root of the project structure named "breadmen.swift"
3) Add other files
4) Set Xcode's preference to have double-clicking open a file in a new window
5) Double-click in the project navigator on any of the files in the project other than breadmen.swift

Expected Results:
The file you double-clicked opens in a new window

Actual Results:
breadmen.swift opens in a new window. The navigation history for the new window allows you to hit back to go to the actual file you wanted to open.

Xcode 10.1 (10B61)


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