Number:rdar://46479285 Date Originated:05-Dec-2018 08:57 AM
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Product:iOS + SDK Product Version:12.1
Classification:Enhancement Reproducible:Always
This is a duplicate of radar #46453267

Some API would be nice if it was updated to support UICoordinateSpace. This is a newer protocol that can be used for more general coordinate space conversions than just between views.

For example, at PSPDFKit we make a framework with API for working with PDF documents, and we expose a page’s PDF coordinate space on our view that displays a PDF page. The PDF coordinate system has a different origin and scale to the view. UICoordinateSpace is a nice API for us.

Currently it is necessary to get a touch point in a view coordinate space then convert to PDF coordinate space, like this:

let viewPoint = touch.location(in: pageView)
let pdfPoint = pageView.convert(viewPoint, to: pageView.pdfCoordinateSpace)

It would be nice to be able to replace that with a single line:

let pdfPoint = touch.location(in: pageView.pdfCoordinateSpace)

The following API currently require a view:

-[UITouch locationInView:]
-[UITouch preciseLocationInView:]
-[UIGestureRecognizer locationInView:]

These could have preferred alternatives like this:

-[UITouch locationInCoordinateSpace:]
-[UITouch preciseLocationInCoordinateSpace:]
-[UIGestureRecognizer locationInCoordinateSpace:]

As we saw above in Swift the call looks the same — just location(in: whatever). It’s more lenient in the types of things it accepts which is cool.

Steps to Reproduce:
Look for API to get the location of a touch or gesture recogniser in a coordinate space other than a view.

Expected Results:
API as discussed above to exist.

Actual Results:
No such API. We must get the touch location in an intermediate coordinate space.




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