Webpages display issues

Number:rdar://46489812 Date Originated:December 5 2018, 6:38 PM
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:Safari (iOS) Product Version:iOS 12.1 (16B92)
Classification: Reproducible:Often

When opening webpages, Safari often freeze the webpage loading until I tap on the address bar and I tap on the "Access" button of the keyboard. After this step, the webpage is shown. But If I try to go back, the webpage is scrollable but blank. The only workaround we found at the Apple Store at Fukuoka is to erase the iPhone. This worked great, but this bug reappeared after a month. The only solution found at Geneva's Apple Store was to erase again the iPhone, or to use Firefox or Chrome.
See the attached screen recording for visual details.

Steps to Reproduce:
Example I always trigger, but this is reproducible on almost every websites.
1 - Open Safari
2 - Search anything on the search engine (for example, Google)
3 - Open any links
4 - Page is frozen
5 - Tap on the address bar
6 - Tap "Access" on the keyboard
7 - Wait the webpage to load
8 - Go back
9 - Google webpage is scrollable, but blank

Expected Results: Showing webpage without the use of the "Access" key on the keyboard, and a working "going back to the previous webpage" function

Actual Results: Frozen webpage and blank "going back to the previous webpage" function

Version/Build: iOS 12.1 (16B92)

Configuration: iPhone 7 128 Go (iPhone9,1)


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