The NSOpenSavePanelDelegate `validate` delegate method does not receive permission to the selected directory/file in sandboxed app

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Product:macOS + SDK Product Version:macOS 10.14.2
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I use `NSOpenPanel` to let the user select a directory where my app can output some files. I want to inform the user early, while the open panel is still open, if the user tries to select a read-only directory, as I wouldn't be able to write to that. The problem is that the `validate` delegate method doesn't get access to the user-selected directory, so it will always show the error message for all directories, even writable ones.

Steps to Reproduce:
I have this code to open the panel:

final class AppDelegate: NSObject, NSApplicationDelegate {
	func convert() {
		let panel = NSOpenPanel()
		panel.delegate = self
		panel.canChooseFiles = false
		panel.canChooseDirectories = true
		panel.canCreateDirectories = true
		panel.allowsMultipleSelection = false
		panel.prompt = "Convert"
		panel.message = "Choose where to save the converted images"

		panel.beginSheetModal(for: window) {
			if $0 == .OK {
				self.startConversion(urls, outputDirectory: panel.urls.first!)

And I have implemented the `validate` delegate method to show an error while the open panel is shown, which informs the user that the directory they chose is read-only:

extension AppDelegate: NSOpenSavePanelDelegate {
	func panel(_ sender: Any, validate url: URL) throws {
		if !FileManager.default.isWritableFile(atPath: url.path) {
			throw CocoaError(.fileWriteVolumeReadOnly)

Expected Results:
I expected `FileManager.default.isWritableFile(atPath: url.path)` to return `true` for a path that is writable.

Actual Results:
The code `FileManager.default.isWritableFile(atPath: url.path)` always returns `false` because it doesn't get access to the security scoped bookmark created by `NSOpenPanel`.

macOS 10.14.2

The workaround is to just let the user select anything, then in `panel.beginSheetModal`, check whether the directory writable, and if not, show an NSAlert and then show the `NSOpenPanel` again. This is a bad user-experience.


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