New/Replaced phone restored from backup does not receive push notifications in the same way from apps previously granted permission

Number:rdar://49463754 Date Originated:1/04/2019
Status:Resolved Resolved:
Product:iOS + SDK Notifications Product Version:12.1.2
Classification: Reproducible:Always
Both I and a number of employees within The Warehouse Group have upgraded or otherwise replaced our iPhones, and restored from backup. We use an app that is developed in-house (The Warehouse App), and sent push notifications out to our customers of sales. Neither myself or any of the other people whom have replaced our phones have not had any push notifications sent.
In fact, I have had another app (Powershop) end up sending me duplicated push notifications much to the developers confusion.
I have considered it always reproducible in that I always either get send duplicates or no notifications, but not easily in that for the production apps we build I cannot test this as I will send it to all our customers, not just myself and the others in the company that are affected.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Install an app that sends push notifications
2. allow push notifications
3. backup to iTunes
4. buy new phone
5. setup new phone from backup
6. observe that others get notifications from the app but not you..?

Expected Results:
I expect to be sent notifications if I allowed them in the intended quantity through the replaced phone without revoking the permission.

Actual Results:
I do not get notifications, or I get duplicate notifications.

iOS 12.1.4(16D57)
iPhone 10s Max



Apple asked me to update to iOS 12.2 and see if that fixed the issue. It seemingly did. I get notifications as expected now..

By john.douglas at April 10, 2019, 4:56 a.m. (reply...)

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