Bundle indexstore.h in Xcode along with IndexStore

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As of Xcode 10.2, libIndexStore.dylib is included in the Xcode toolchain. This is great, thank you! However, the associated header, indexstore.h, is not included. Can the header be included along with the dylib? Thanks!

Steps to Reproduce:

find /Application/Xcode.app -name indexstore.h

Expected Results:

Maybe something like:


Actual Results:

No files found


Xcode 10.2 / 10E125




Official Reply

• This dylib is not new, it has been in the toolchain since Xcode 9.

• The header is not bundled with Xcode because it is not considered a supported stable API. With ‘not supported’ I mean that, unless stated otherwise, frameworks and dylibs contained inside the Xcode.app bundle are considered internal implementation details and we reserve the right to completely change them between Xcode versions (the ABI may change or the framework/dylib eliminated entirely, etc.).

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