Source Editor: interacting with a header file routinely crashes Xcode

Number:rdar://50407410 Date Originated:2019-05-02
Status:Dupe of 48298156 (Closed) Resolved:
Product:Developer Tools Xcode Product Version:10.2
Classification:Crash/Hang/Data Loss Reproducible:Sometimes
When working on a larger Objective-C project, interacting with a header file routinely crashes Xcode if the header contains collapsed documentation comments, due to an index out of bounds exception in `-[NSMutableRLEArray objectAtIndex:effectiveRange::]`.

The interactions include (but are not limited to) scrolling, clicking somewhere, moving the cursor, …

It is hard to overstate how annoying this is, and because I suspect that this is timing dependent, I have not attempted to reproduce this in a sample project.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. in a larger Objective-C project — I guess something like DevToolsCore.framework will do — open a header file that contains multi-line documentation comments
2. select the “Editor > Code Folding > Fold Comment Blocks” menu item or invoke the corresponding shortcut
3. scroll, click, or move the cursor below a folded section a few times

Expected Results:
The source code editor scrolls, responds to the clicks, moves the cursor in a regular fashion

Actual Results:
Way more often than not, Xcode crashes with a stack trace like the one I’ve attached.

First observed on Xcode 10.2 (10E125)



Comment I added after opening 10.2.1 for the first time

This happens very reliably on Version 10.2.1 (10E1001), and I’m including rdar://50407410 on every crash now.

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