[API] CORS: 500 response for OPTIONS request on Chrome. Tracks unplayable.

Number:rdar://50513079 Date Originated:06-05-2019
Status:Created Resolved:
Product:Musickit JS Product Version:1.5.2-0
Classification: Reproducible:Always
Users unable to play tracks via Musickit JS on Chrome browser (tested on version 74.0.3729.131, other reports too) after user is authenticated.

Browser console reports a 500 response from the OPTIONS request made as a preflight on the *.aac.wa.mp4 request from the Apple Music API.

Steps to Reproduce:
1: Open Chrome.
2: Browse to a MusicKit-enabled service (https://musi.sh/ or https://tools.applemusic.com/).
3: Authenticate with Apple Music.
4: Attempt to play any track.
5: Observe response in developer tools.

Expected Results:
- Track should begin to play.
- No 500 error response on preflight.

Actual Results:
- Track does not play.
- 500 error response on preflight.




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