Properties (font, stack view spacing) with variation customization set in Interface Builder and changed at runtime get reset on app resign active in iOS 13

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If you add a variation customization (tested with Regular Width and Regular Height) for a property in Interface Builder (tested with font and stack view spacing), and then change it at runtime, it gets incorrectly reset to the value from Interface Builder when the app resigns active.

I attached a demo for this. Open it in Xcode 11 beta, run it on macOS Catalina beta. The label's font will be bold, and the stack view's spacing will be 60, as set in `ViewController.m`. Now switch to another app and return, and you'll see that the label's font will have been reset to ultra light and the stack view's spacing to 20, as set in Interface Builder.


Iulian Onofrei

Affects both an iOS app when building with Xcode 11 and running on iOS 13, and a Mac Catalyst app.

By revoltes666 at Oct. 7, 2019, 11:56 a.m. (reply...)

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