Bookmarklet support in Mobile Safari

Number:rdar://7636942 Date Originated:2010-02-10
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:iPhone Product Version:3.1.3
Classification:Feature (new) Reproducible:n/a
10-Feb-2010 10:08 PM Alan Hogan:

There should be a user-friendly way for iPhone Apps and/or iPhone Web Apps to prompt users to install bookmarklets.

Proposed Solution:

- Have a way for web apps, iPhone SDK apps, or both to invoke a dialog that prompts the user to install a bookmark with a specified title and URL into their Mobile Safari bookmark list.

Possible Means:

- Users should be able to add a bookmarklet from iPhone Safari by tapping and holding on a bookmarklet link, that is, a web page anchor whose location begins with "javascript:", or 
- a WebKit-specific JavaScript call, or 
- via the iPhone SDK.  

Current Alternative:

- Gnarly instructions such as "paste this odd-looking string into a bookmark you just created's location field" must be given to the user instead, such as those used for Marco Arment's Instapaper.

This is a dupe of rdar://6589436 and rdar://5935641

Thank you, and cheers.


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