Basic Referrer and Traffic Reports in App Store
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This is a feature that is very near to the hearts of a lot of developers I've spoken to and is by far the only feature I've wished for since I started developing for the app store in 2009.

Currently it's difficult, if not impossible, to understand where sales and downloads come from.  When a sudden spike occurs, it becomes a guessing game to sort out if it was the result of press, being featured, or a result of being ranked in a particular category.  Even worse, when sales have a downward spike there is no way to see why.

Additionally, it's even hard to track our own promotional efforts.  While we can track the number of people we send to the store, once they are there we have no idea if they inevitably were a part of that day's sales.

This lack of data leaves us flying blind when making decisions on how to focus our promotional efforts.

I do not see a need for any advanced tools (think Google Analytics), but rather a few simple reports that would make an enormous difference in developers abilities to understand their sales.

Developers could significantly benefit from seeing the following data about their app's page in the app store:


Referrers :

- Where did the customer come from?  

Was it a link on Lifehacker?  In a featured section in the app store?  Through browsing a particular category?  A link on our own site?

This is the most important piece.  Being able to know how a customer found the app allows us to separate out and make sense of our sales.  On a day-to-day basis we can steer our focus to what is working.  For the future planning, if we see that major part of our sales come from one particular source we won't be left stunned if that source suddenly disappears.


Traffic to App Store Page :

- How many people viewed the app in the app store?
- How many actually downloaded/purchased it?

This would allow us to see how our app messaging and screen-shots are converting.  If for example, an app was being viewed 1000 times in the store, but only had 10 downloads a day, the developer would quickly know there was a problem and missing a significant amount of potential customers.  Currently we only know the number of downloads and have no sense how many we might be missing.


I believe these two simple reports would make a world of difference in helping app developers make better decisions about their app store business.

Appreciate all that you guys do there.  Keep up the good work.


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