NSTabView draws incorrectly in sideways orientations

Number:rdar://9051800 Date Originated:2/24/2011
Status:Closed Resolved:5/11/2011
Product:macOS Product Version:10.7
Classification: Reproducible:

When an NSTabView is set to display with tabs on the left or right, the lower-most tabs don't draw correctly.

Steps to Reproduce:

1. Create an NSTabView and set it to display tabs on the left or right.
2. Look at it.

Expected Results:

It should draw the same as it does when tabs are on top, aside from being rotated.

Actual Results:

The lower portion (first few tabs if tabs are on left, or last few tabs if they're on the right) don't draw correctly. Specifically, the titles aren't shown and the dividers aren't drawn.


Sideways tabs worked fine before Lion.


Attached Xcode project displays tab views in all orientations. The tab views are identical (ie. copied/pasted) except for the orientation.



Yes, this is fixed in the latest seed (11A444d) which has the revised tab appearance.


Apple asked me to test it on a newer build.

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