Xcode 4 - Settings.bundle and lozalized strings don't work

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Product:Developer Tools Product Version:Xcode 4
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When I create a Settings.bundle by dragging the "Settings Bundle" from the File Template Library to a newly created project in Xcode 4, the files generated on the file system are as expected, but I can't access the localized Root.strings file at all. Also I cannot create an additional localization for Root.strings

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Steps to Reproduce:
* Create a new project of type iOS Application - window-based
* Navigate to the File template library
* Drag a "Settings Bundle" to the group which contains the AppDelegate class and save it as "Settings"
* In the project navigator, open the Settings.bundle

Expected Results:
I expect that Xcode recognizes that the file "Root.strings" is a localized strings file which I can access and also add another localization.

Actual Results:
On the filesystem, the created files & directories are as expected:


In the project navigator of Xcode though, the directory en.lproj is show as a (blue) directory and that's it. I can't access the "Root.strings" file at all. See uploaded file "Settings.bundle.png".

If I manually change the file type of the directory en.lproj from "Default - Directory" to "Directory", I can access the Root.strings file. But as soon as I re-open Xcode, I can't access it again.

It seems to me, that Xcode doesn't realize that Root.strings is really a localized file.. there's also no way to create an additional localization... I can do it manually on the filesystem, but... wish that would work in Xcode. :)

I tried it both with a local Git repository and without, with the same problem.

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