BUG: Documentation viewer does not have a popup showing method names

Number:rdar://9149638 Date Originated:
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:Developer Tools Product Version:Xcode 4.0 / 4A304a
Classification:Serious Bug Reproducible:Always
Summary: The new Jump Bar does not show method names

Steps to Reproduce:

1) Open the documentation page (for example, UIWindow).
2) Try to find a popup menu.

Expected Results:

There would be a menu that lists all of the class' methods.

Actual Results:

There's no menu.


This is a regression from Xcode 3.


Let's say we're looking for some background on what happens when a new -rootViewController instance is assigned. After opening the documentation page for the UIWindow class, there aren't any controls to show the methods.

Besides being a pain in the butt, this is wholly inconsistent with the behavior in the code editor which shows a list of functions, properties and methods after the class name.

(Note that typing "ro" is enough to select "rootViewController" in the code editor's popup menu. That, followed by the enter key gets you to the code of interest.)

From a developer's point-of-view, the header files and the documentation page go hand-in-hand. Make the UI affordances the same and we don't have to think about whether we're looking at code or the words that describe it.

It's possible to get to the rootViewController documentation with the Jump Bar. Unfortunately, it takes a lot more effort than in the code editor: you have to click on the class name, and then move the mouse until the subcategories appear. Choose "Instance Methods" and wonder why rootViewController isn't there. Then move the mouse back and try Properties.

And forget about navigating these lists quickly and easily with the keyboard as you can with the code editor.

More information (including screenshots) at: http://furbo.org/?p=334


Duped: Bug ID# 9159750

Crazy to think XCode4 was released with the documentation in this state.

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