Limit of 100 AdHoc devices is way too low

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The limit of 100 AdHoc devices in the iOS Provisioning portal does not suffice for serious beta testing.

We support >10 different localizations and thus have beta testers all over the world. Each beta tester usually has at least 3 devices (iPhone, iPod, iPod touch, multiple generations, sometimes hardware exchange units).

Furthermore, the management of UDIDs for the iOS Provisioning portal is cumbersome and time consuming.

Then, for each modification, we have to manually edit the provisioning profile issue a new one and roll it out to beta testers.

We can think of two solutions:

a) Ramp up the number of allowed Ad Hoc devices to around 1,000 devices, combined with an assistant in Xcode that would take care of the creation of the provisioning profiles;

b) Switch to a mechanism of entering iTunes IDs.

We would much prefer option b) as it would make the beta tester management much easier. iTunes IDs are much more stable (they only change when we add or remove a beta tester, not for every single device of a beta tester).


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