artifacts when resizing Address Book window

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Sometimes when resizing the address book window, there are columns of pixels which don't get redrawn correctly during the resize operation. It only lasts a few seconds, but it's pretty obvious. The window is redrawn correctly after a second or so, but during the resize it looks bad.

It's especially apparent when resizing the window by its top edge (particularly when making the window smaller) but I've seen it when dragging from the bottom-right as well (old habits die hard)

Steps to Reproduce:

1. Open address book.
2. View a card with a fair amount of text. (If there's too much whitespace, it's hard to see the problem.)
3. Begin resizing the window by its top edge and quickly drag the mouse up and down.

Expected Results:

The window should resize with a smooth animation.

Actual Results:

There will be a column of garbled window contents in the middle of the card. See the attached screenshot for an example. The garbled contents always appear in the same part of the card.


Older versions of Address Book didn't have this behavior, but they had a completely different UI and pre-Lion systems didn't support resizing windows from the top. 


I observed this behavior on an iMac (hardware is identified in System Profiler as an iMac11,1) with a 2.8 GHz Core i7 CPU and an ATI Radeon HD 4850 GPU. System profile is attached.



It's still happening with 11A459e. See attached screenshot. If anything, it seems easier to duplicate now.


Apple Developer Relations: Please try to reproduce this against the latest build of Mac OS X Lion 11A459e. Please verify with this release, and update this report with your results.

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