Cannot download photos from iCloud via Photos framework for some accounts
Number:rdar://FB7599120 Date Originated:02/25/2020
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:PhotoKit Product Version:iOS 13+
Classification:Incorrect/Unexpected Behavior Reproducible:Rear
All the time getting an error for some iCloud accounts when trying download photos from iCloud because the photos are not presented locally on a device. The error occurs for some iCloud photos:

Error Domain=CloudPhotoLibraryErrorDomain Code=25 "Failed to download CPLResourceTypeOriginal for ARUQNQfwZKmf/HcerGPjcRjjf1/H#PrimarySync (Record not found)" UserInfo={NSLocalizedDescription=Failed to download CPLResourceTypeOriginal for ARUQNQfwZKmf/HcerGPjcRjjf1/H#PrimarySync (Record not found)}

iOS Settings -> Photos has iCloud Photos enabled. Also in iCloud settings the iCloud is on for Photos app.

The code I use to export photos:

let options = PHImageRequestOptions()
options.version = .original
options.isSynchronous = false
options.isNetworkAccessAllowed = true
options.deliveryMode = .highQualityFormat
let id = PHImageManager.default().requestImageDataAndOrientation(for: asset, options: options) { data, _, _, info in { /*...*/ }

After I deleted some photos and added some new, seems the error has gone on my devices. But my clients (users) sometimes see this error and I cannot figure out what to suggest them to fix the error.


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