Compile software targeting MacOS ARM linking to JavaNativeFoundation

Number:rdar://FB7858293 Date Originated:7/6/2020
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I’m trying to compile OpenJDK, reached the point where I need to link against JavaNativeFoundation, but based on its tbd seems that it's only provided in the x86_64 system library cache, or that the tbd is not in sync with the supported arch.

% cat /Applications/ | HEAD -3
--- !tapi-tbd
tbd-version:     4
targets:         [ x86_64-macos ]


JavaNativeFoundation has been deprecated and will not be available for arm64.

If you want to work on porting OpenJDK to Apple Silicon, I suggest starting with, which includes an OSS drop of JavaNativeFoundation, my patch series, and my build script to build JNF, and OpenJDK (zero) for arm64.

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