Visual bug when setting UITableViewCell contentConfiguration when swipe to delete button is showing

Number:rdar://FB7977764 Date Originated:13/7/20
Status:Open Resolved:No
Product:UIKit Product Version:14b2
Classification:Bug Reproducible:Always
When a table cell has been swiped so the red delete button is showing, if the cell's text label is updated by setting the new contentConfiguration property with a new configuration object that has updated text, the delete button disappears.

Please see attached screen capture.

Please see attached sample project and follow these instructions:

Open project in Xcode 12 beta 2
Launch app in iPhone SE (2nd generation simulator)
Click the + button to add a row that appears with current time.
Tap the reload button to experience the time on the cell being updated.
Drag to the left on the cell to show the red delete button.
Tap the reload button.

What expect to happen.
The time on the cell text label should update but everything else stay the same.

What happens.
The red delete button disappears.



Still buggy in 12 beta 4 / iOS 14 beta 4:

Open project in Xcode 12 beta 4 Launch app in iPhone SE (2nd generation simulator) (might have to tap back to get back to Master) Make there be 2 rows on the table. Swipe the first row. Swipe the second row and immediately after the swipe tap the reload button.

What expect to happen. Row 1 should have animated away

What happens. Row 1 animates back out as if it was swiped and then animates away. (see attached video Screen Recording 2020-08-17 at

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