Wrong fetch request with batchSize behaviour from iOS 14 beta 5 onwards

Number:rdar://FB8562978 Date Originated:08/28/2020
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:iOS Product Version:14 beta 6
Classification: Reproducible:always
On iOS 14 beta 5 and 6, when fetching a request on a new private queue context that has persistentContainer.newBackgroundContext() as a parent, returns the wrong number of objects (always 0 even if there are objects in the db).

The same code on iOS 13 and iOS 14 beta 1 to 4 returns the correct number of objects.

The attached project runs ok on Xcode 11 and up to Xcode 12 beta 4. On Xcode 12 beta 5 and 6 the assertion fails.

How to reproduce:

Create a new object of your CoreData entity on the viewContext
Save the viewContext

Create a NSFetchRequest for all objects of such entity
Run the fetch request on the persistent container's viewContext (on the main thread)
Set fetchBatchSize to 20
Obtain a background context from the persistent container
Obtain a new context and make the background context the parent context
Run the same fetch request on the new context

Expected result:

Both requests should return the same number of objects (1 if we run the program with an empty db)

Actual result:

The request on the main thread returns 1 object. The request on the background context's child context returns 0 objects.


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