M1 MacBook WindowServer hangs when logging in and monitor takes too long to wake up

Number:rdar://FB8925129 Date Originated:2020/12/02
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:WindowServer Product Version:11.01
Classification:System Crash Reproducible:Sometimes
This seems repeatable and only occurs when restoring the screens after the display has been powered off on the M1 Macbook Air. This does not occur on the 2018 Macbook Air.

- Have Citrix in full-screen mode on the secondary display
- Configure: System Preference > Battery > Power Adapter to Turn display off after 2 minutes
  (Machine is configured to not sleep automatically.)
- When the displays turn off touch keyboard. 
- Macbook screen turns on immediately, LG takes a couple seconds to turn on.
- Before LG screen turns on authenticate to the Mac with fingerprint.

If you login to the Mac while the secondary screen is turning back on, it seems to crash while trying to restore the contents of the secondary screen.

The mouse continues to work, but no other commands work.

Spin reports are logged against WindowServer and a hard restart is required.


Apple believe this may be fixed in 11.5

By jamesblackburn at July 28, 2021, 7:50 a.m. (reply...)

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