Get user's Apple ID profile picture (avatar) in CKUserIdentity

Number:rdar://FB9160094 Date Originated:06/11/2021
Status: Resolved:
Product:CloudKit Product Version:iOS 15
Classification:Suggestion Reproducible:
Seems like in iOS 15 and others system apps have access to Contacts profile picture when collaborating in a document. We would like to have a way to show the collaborators profile picture in our apps. 

I think including the profile picture in a secure way in CKUserIdentity is the best way, since the user grant us permission to access their information when discovering their identities anyways [e.g. CKDiscoverAllUserIdentitiesOperation].

Just for reference attached an screenshot on the Notes feature I am referring to. Having access to users Apple ID would really give a sense of integration with the system in our Apps, and provides helpful visual clues when it comes to sharing in our apps.


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