Erroneously merged contact card visible when map location is added to two existing contacts

Number:rdar://FB9185167 Date Originated:17/6/2021
Status:Open Resolved:No
Product:iOS Maps Product Version:14.6
Classification:Incorrect/Unexpected Behavior Reproducible:Always
I noticed a bug in Maps when using the feature to add a location to an existing contact. Adding the location works to the first contact but when repeating the action and choosing a different contact, the contact card that is displayed is a merge of both the previous edited contact and the newly selected one. By merge I mean the card will show the name of one contact with the company name of the other, the combined phone numbers and  I believe also combined addresses. This is a very strange thing to witness so thought I would report it so it can be fixed. Reproduce as follows:

1. On an iPhone running iOS 14.6 open Maps.
2. Long press on a street to select the address.
3. In the bottom view scroll down and select "Add to existing contact".
4. Select a contact that has a company name set and when the card appears notice the card looks normal and the address has been added, tap Update.
5. Tap "Add to existing contact" again and this time select a contact that doesn't have a company name set.

What expect to happen:
The contact card should appear normal and the address should be added.

What happens:
A contact card appears that is a merge of the first contact that the location was added to and the second contact selected. E.g. it has the company name of the first contact but the first and second name of the second contact.

To revert your contact back:
Tap cancel so the change to second contact isn't applied. Go to contacts app and find the company you added the address to and remove the address that was added.


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