UITableViewCell.layoutSubviews sets tintColor = .systemBlue (or nil) to it's accessoryView

Number:rdar://FB9608833 Date Originated:08.09.2021
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:iOS Product Version:iOS 15 beta
Classification:Bug Reproducible:
Version 13.0 beta 5 (13A5212g)
Simulator/iOS 15 beta

I have a subclass of UITableViewCell which sets a custom YPButton (subclass of UIButton) to accessoryView.
According to the attached screenshot, UITableViewCell.layoutSubviews calls `_updateSystemTypeAccessoryView:withCellAccessoryType:forState:` which sets accessoryView.tintColor = .systemBlue (or nil).
It makes my buttons blue.
I don't expect that, I expect my buttons grey as I set tintColor before setting accessoryView.

I've already found a workaround:
I set UIView with my button inside.


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