System views such as Alert, ActionSheet don't reflect custom ColorScheme selected by User

Number:rdar://FB9723087 Date Originated:26.10.2021
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Product:SwiftUI Framework Product Version:
Classification: Reproducible:Yes
Hi, I asked this question at Ā«A conversation with SwiftUI EngineeringĀ» event and now I submitting feedback for that

In my application that I work on, I created custom ColorScheme picker to let User to choose preferred ColorScheme over system preference option. It works great, thanks to preferredColorScheme(_ colorScheme: ColorScheme?) function in root view of App Struct.

But i faced some problems with system views such as Alert, ActionSheet. They do not seem to reflect colorScheme that i applied in app root view and use system preference in OS. 

Also, I add sample project and screen recording to attachments

Please list the steps you took to reproduce the issue:

1) open the attached sample project
2) launch it simulator or real device
3) select ColorScheme in segmented picker that not matches with your system preference
4) Trigger alert or actionSheet with associated buttons
5) Compare colorScheme of System View and the rest of all application


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