VoiceOver inconsistently reads automated descriptions for images

Number:rdar://FB9727624 Date Originated:28 Oct 2021
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:UIKit Product Version:iOS 15
Classification: Reproducible:
Precondition: iOS 15

1. Enable VoiceOver but keep the system default settings. i.e. keep disabled "Image Descriptions" under "VoiceOver Recognition"
2. Go to an app which has images that are accessibility elements, especially elements whose subviews contain images. Example: Open the Apple TV app.
3. Move focus to one of these elements and let VoiceOver read the description. Be sure to wait to see if an image description is read (which should be preceded by a blip sound -- the default "Feedback Style" option.)

Expected: Every accessibility element containing an image should either always read a description or always not read a description.

Actual: An accessibility element containing an image does not always read a description even for the same accessibility element! For example it sometimes reads: "Ted Lasso, Button (sound) Adult, Grass, TED LASSO" and sometimes just reads "Ted Lasso, Button" and pausing before moving to another element.


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