x86 binary crashes on M1 Pro

Number:rdar://FB9760979 Date Originated:11/15/2021
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I am using a tool that generates code for an Xcode project called R.swift. Part of the generation process involves running a compiled executable. The current version of R.swift still uses an executable compiled for x86, so it runs under Rosetta. When I try to run this on my M1 Pro, the following output appears:

rosetta error: /var/db/oah/279281325309952_279281325309952/88757c77705f5e24c858ee5b89ffc56f541b2a5d209ccfdda08f02e7605a3e61/rswift.aot: attachment of code signature supplement failed: 1
[1]    97552 trace trap  Pods/R.swift/rswift

The R.swift project is open source and available here:

The problem can be reproduced by downloading their latest release zip file (5.4.0) and trying to run the "rswift" binary on the command line.

The machine I'm using is a 2021 16" MBP with M1 Pro (10 core) and 32 GB memory.

I reproduced the crash at Mon Nov 15 10:53:02 MST 2021 and immediately started the sysdiagnose.


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