NSDataDetector Fails With Specific Keywords in String Being Searched

Number:rdar://FB9794791 Date Originated:2021-12-03
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:iOS & iPadOS Product Version:
Classification:Incorrect/Unexpected Behavior Reproducible:Yes

NSDataDetector fails to detect content when:
- NSTextCheckingResult.CheckingType.phoneNumber is specified as one of the init types.
- One of the keywords (included below) is present in the string being searched.


let testString = "fly http://apple.com (800)692-7753"
let checkingTypes =
  | NSTextCheckingResult.CheckingType.phoneNumber.rawValue
guard let detector = try? NSDataDetector(types: checkingTypes) else { fatalError()  }
let matches = detector.numberOfMatches(
  in: testString,
  options: .reportCompletion,
  range: NSMakeRange(0, (testString as NSString).length))

EXPECTED RESULT: matches should be equal to 2

ACTUAL RESULT: matches is equal to 0

KEYWORDS (string.count < 7): air,dhl,flt,fly,tnt,ups,vol,voo,flug,flyg,ucus,usps,volo,zbor,colis,fedex,lento,rokov,suivi,track,utair,vuelo,aegean,etihad,flight,iberia,indigo,ontrac,paczka,pobeda,qantas,vlucht


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