Dell U3219Q does not detect after macOS 12.1 update

Number:rdar://FB9809866 Date Originated:2021-12-15
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:macOS Product Version:12.1
Classification: Reproducible:Always
Immediately after the macOS 12.1 update my two Dell U3219q displays no longer are detected when connected in USB-C mode. If I connect to them over HDMI or DisplayPort (via USB-C) they work, but the USB-C charging + display mode they only detected as a charger and show no picture (black screen, searching for signal).

I believe this was likely related to the changes around USB-C charging + display listed in the release notes as “External displays may not charge some MacBook Pro and MacBook Air computers when connected using Thunderbolt or USB-C”. This broke my critical workflow and there appears to be no viable solution beyond connecting over DisplayPort instead.


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