Secure UITextField shows autocorrection suggestions in Mac Catalyst app

Number:rdar://FB9821716 Date Originated:2021-12-25
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:UIKit, Mac Catalyst Product Version:11.6
Classification: Reproducible:
Secure UITextField (with isSecureTextEntry set to true) shows text replacement suggestions. And even expands them after Space key is pressed. 

Explicitly disabling autocorrectionType, smartQuotesType, smartDashesType in the storyboard has no effect (see text input trait parameters attached).

Steps to reproduce:
- Create an iOS app with a UITextField, set isSecureTextEntry to true.
- Build and run it for Mac Catalyst target
- Type “omw” to the text field

Observed behavior: “On my way!” suggestion shown below the field. (See attached screenshot)
Expected behavior: no additional hints/input suggestions shown.


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