iOS - Tapping status bar create empty space below large title

Number:rdar://FB9843766 Date Originated:2022-01-13
Status:Open Resolved:No
Product:UIKit Product Version:iOS 15 SDK
Classification:Bug Reproducible:Yes
The hierarchy:

UINavigationController > UIViewController [modalPresentationStyle=.pageSheet] with large title > UIScrollView > Very large label to make scrollview scrollable.

When I scroll down a little and then tap into status bar to scroll to top it create extra empty space below the large title.

That problem seems to be fixed when viewController.edgesForExtendedLayout = [] is used, but it leads to another weird problem.

Before this change, when I scroll to the top and scroll down, it makes the title larger and then scroll the entire view to down to dismiss it, now when I scroll down the title doesn't get bigger, please see attached images & videos.

Normal space

Unwanted space


Github Code:

Video with viewController.edgesForExtendedLayout:

Image with viewController.edgesForExtendedLayout:


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