Scene restoration activities not deleted when user force quit an app

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## Description ##

In documentation here (, there's mentioning about the system deleting restoration activity:

> When debugging the sample project, the system automatically deletes its preserved state when the user force quits the app [...] To test the sample app’s ability to restore the sample’s state, do not use the app switcher to force quit it during debugging.

However, during test, quitting the app by swiping up on app switcher will not have the system delete the restoration preserved state.

## Step-by-step reproduction ##

1. Download the project located in the page:
2. Build the project for iOS 15 target (iPhone or iPad—either will do)
3. Launch the app, and tap on a photo to see the details
4. Go back to Home Screen, so that the app saves the restoration state
5. Open App Switcher, swipe up to force quit the app
6. Re-launch the app

The app's state is still restored.

## What I expect ## 

The app launches without any `restorationActivity` because it was force quit by the user.

## What I actually see ##

The app restores its state because it relaunched with a `restorationActivity` instance.

(keywords: NSUserActivity, user activity, restorationActivity, UIScene)


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