EXP file type broken in QuickLook

Number:rdar://FB9937490 Date Originated:3/1/2022
Status:Open Resolved:No
Product:MacOS Product Version:Catalina + QuickLook
Classification:Bug Reproducible:Yes
QuickLook used to work with the .EXP file type/UTI. 

As of the release of Catalina, it has stopped calling QL generators. The generator gets called for other types. There is no image generated by Apple for this type, nor should there be.

To reproduce: Create an app extension and have the .exp type in the plist.

This type has been used long before Apple used it, and is currently in use by over a million people in the embroidery industry. It works in Mac prior to Catalina.

This bug has been confirmed by more than one software company. This may be a duplicate bug report, but search is not showing it.

We have over 200k users, and a 12 year history selling QL generators. We have had many complaints about this. All other file types are still working within our arena, which includes about 20 types/UTIs.


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