Maps doesn't allow selection of existing Contact Card for Favourites

Number:rdar://FB9969889 Date Originated:30/03/2022
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:macOS Product Version:12.3
Classification: Reproducible:
NOTE: This is a new macOS 12.3 installation, as well as a new iCloud account, set up during the macOS 12.3 installation.

When opening Maps, it will take me to the default screen, which contains the Favourites sidebar on the left (see attached screenshot), and the actual map location on the right.
In the sidebar, when clicking on either the Home or Work favourite, it will ask me if I want to set up my Contact Card. I then click on “Open My Contact Card”, select “Choose an existing one”, and select my contact card (which was previously set up in the Contacts app).
At this point, nothing happens, and I am taken back to the Maps app, without any changes having been made. At the same time, the icons in the top right of the app (see screenshot) are greyed out, and cannot be used.

The map itself is however usable, and once I interact with the map, the icons in the top right are usable again.


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