iTunes Wi-Fi sync often corrupts iOS device's media library

Number:rdar://11644031 Date Originated:12-Jun-2012
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Product:iTunes Product Version:
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Turning on Wi-Fi sync on an iOS device sometimes cause the device's media collection (music and video) to become inaccessible such that the Music and Video application shows a "no music" and "no video" screens, respectively. The issue tend to happen when the last sync process had transferred a large amount of data over Wi-Fi -- which occurs after a large number of applications in the library were updated or many music/video files were altered (as in metadata change or new music files).

Steps to Reproduce:

1. Turn on Wi-Fi sync on iTunes (Mac OS X 10.7.4 host, iOS 5.1.1 client)
2. Consistently use Wi-Fi sync every day for at least two months and never use USB sync.
3. There will be a good chance that a sync session caused the music and video collection to vanish from the device.

Expected Results:

Wi-Fi sync is 100% reliable and will not cause sync issues like this.

Actual Results:

About every six weeks or so of syncing exclusively via Wi-Fi, a sync session would corrupt the device's Music and Video libraries.


This rarely happens with USB sync.


The test machines are:

    * A Macbook Air (2011) with Mac OS X 10.7.4 & iTunes 10.6.1 (7).
    * An iPad 2 with iOS 5.1.1
    * An iPhone 4 with iOS 5.1.1


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