UIStoryboard's +storyboardWithName:bundle: method does not autoselect based on device

Number:rdar://12753707 Date Originated:Tue, 27 Nov 2012 00:04:01 GMT
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:iPhone SDK Product Version:6.0
Classification:Enhancement Reproducible:Always
26-Nov-2012 03:55 PM Daniel Weeks:
When in a view controller and loading a UIStoryboard from code the developer calls the UIStoryboard +storyboardWithName:bundle method passing in a file that is in a specific bundle (or nil for the default bundle). When on an iPad a different storyboard needs to be called than when on an iPhone or iPod touch. There is no way to have two files named with only a device specifier to differentiate them like UIImage has.

When loading a UIImage with +imageNamed: there can be two files: image~ipad.png and image~iphone.png. On an iPad +imageNamed: will rerturn image~ipad.png and on and iPhone image~iphone.png. This convenience is great for supporting Universal apps.

Steps to Reproduce:
Load a storyboard in code. The string specified in the +storyboardWithName:bundle: is the filename without the ".storyboard" extension.

Expected Results:
Files name MyStoryboard~ipad.storyboard and MyStoryboard~iphone.storyboard would be loaded correctly on the appropriate devices.

Actual Results:
The developer has to explicitly specify the name of the file, including the device specifier. For example rather than calling:

[UIStoryboard storyboardWithName:@"MyStoryboard" bundle:nil];

to get a device appropriate storyboard file if it exists the call must be:

[UIStoryboard storyboardWithName:@"MyStoryboard~ipad" bundle:nil];

This is less than convenient for maintaining clean code in a Universal application.

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