UITextView ignores minimum/maximum line height in attributed string

Number:rdar://12863734 Date Originated:Dec 12th, 2012
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:iPhone SDK Product Version:6.0
Classification:Serious Bug Reproducible:Always

If an attributed string contains both a font attribute as well as a paragraph style attribute that sets minimum/maximum line height those line height constraints are ignored.

Steps to Reproduce:

Create an attributed string that contains a font and paragraph style attribute. Make sure the paragraph style attribute sets a minimum and maximum line height that is less than the font line height.
Set this attributed string on a UITextView's attributedString property.

Expected Results:

The lines should be spaced by the amount of the specified minimum/maximum.

Actual Results:

The lines are spaced as they would be without the paragraph style settings.


UITextView only supports attributed strings since iOS 6. Since then this is broken.


The problem seems to result if you have multiple different fonts, like when you have some bold or italic text in the string.


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