Cookies not shared on iOS between SFAuthenticationSession and Safari instances

Number:rdar://34816736 Date Originated:October 4 2017
Status:Closed Resolved:July 25 2018
Product:iOS Safari Services Product Version:11
Classification:Bug Reproducible:Yes
Cookies are not being reliably shared between SFAuthenticationSession instances on different applications, and/or with Safari on iOS 11 devices.  Changes made to cookies inside one instance (create/delete) are not reflected inside other applications.  

This breaks Single Sign-on (SSO) and Sign Log-out (SLO) for apps using a common web session for primary authentication in OAuth flows.

However, it appears to be working on iOS 11 (15A372) device simulators.

Expected Results:
The cookie should be shared between the two applications as conveyed through the cookie name label, or by viewing the /get-cookie/user path in Safari.

Actual Results:
Applications/Safari will display unique cookie token values.  Deleting cookie from one application will not delete token from other applications scope. 

iOS 11.0 (15A372) - Working most of the time

iPhone 6s - iOS 11.0.2 (15A421) - Not working
iPhone 7 - iOS 11.1 (15B5066f) - Not working

NOTE: Still broken in iOS11, but fixed in iOS12


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