Device shuts down even though 19% battery left

Number:rdar://15056186 Date Originated:Sept 23, 2013
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:iOS SDK Product Version:iOS 7.0 (11A4449d)
Classification:Severe Bug Reproducible:Sometimes
My iPhone 5 (A1429) shut down with 19% battery why running Tweetbot and reading tweets via 3G network. Pushing the power button showed the "need to charge" pictogram. Immediately on connecting it to a charger the OS boots and shows 19% battery.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Charge full in the morning
2. Let the device discharge until around 20%
3. Go walk the dog and surf the internet over shoddy 3G

Expected Results:
- see a battery warning 
- be able to continue to use it
- the device should shut down only when the battery is empty

Actual Results:
- no warning is shown
- the device simply shuts down (you see the spinner)

iOS 7.0 (11A4449d)

Other users report the same issue: e.g. rdar://15056120

iPhone 5 (A1429)


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