Siri taxes users with initial delay only when headphones are plugged in

Number:rdar://22881933 Date Originated:28-Sep-2015 02:13 PM
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Product:iOS Product Version:9.0.1
Classification:UI/Usability Reproducible:Always
I just discovered and celebrated ( the fact that with iPhone 6s, Siri's ability to listen instantly means that there is no longer even a need for an audible or vibration signal that it's ready to process speech. Users can just press the button and start speaking instantly, and it works. And it's awesome.

One gotcha I've run into though, is in the particular case that headphones are plugged in, my phone DOES give a moment's delay before processing Siri instructions, and also plays an audible chime when it's ready. I can't tell if it's the (unnecessary?) chime that is itself delaying Siri's ability to process, or if the fact that headphones are installed somehow defies Siri's ability to be instantly attentive. In any case, this is an unfortunate penalty for using headphones, and destroys the otherwise admirable universal ability to count on Siri to be attentive immediately upon pressing the home button.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Plug in headphones to an iPhone 6s.
2. Press and hold the home button while IMMEDIATELY asking Siri something e.g. "What time is it?"

Expected Results:
Siri should process and handle the request "What time is it?"

Actual Results:
Siri only gets the tail end of the request, if any, depending on how quickly the chime has been played. In my tests, it often just ends up in "OK, go ahead and ask me something" mode, having totally lost the spoken sentence.

iOS 9.0.1

NOTE: Even if the phone is not silenced, pressing and holding the home button doesn't cause a chime, and doesn't impede Siri's immediate processing of spoken instructions.

iPhone 6s Verizon 128GB.



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