-textureWithContentsOfFile:options:error: incorrectly compares options values

Number:rdar://12761147 Date Originated:11/27/2012
Status:Closed Resolved:3/13/2013
Product:Mac OS X SDK Product Version:10.8.2
Classification:Other Bug Reproducible:Always
The GLKTextureLoader method -textureWithContentsOfFile:options:error: options dictionary has a key, GLKTextureLoaderGenerateMipmaps, which the documentation says is "an NSNumber object that specifies a boolean value".

If I use the following code to call this method, mipmaps are not generated as requested:

    BOOL generateMipmaps = YES;
    options = @{ GLKTextureLoaderGenerateMipmaps : @(generateMipmaps) };
    tex = [GLKTextureLoader textureWithContentsOfFile:path

The method *does* generate mipmaps if I instead use the following options dictionary:

    options = @{ GLKTextureLoaderGenerateMipmaps : @YES };

The reason for this appears to be that @(YES) evaluates to an __NSCFNumber, and our guess is that -textureWithContentsOfFile:options:error: compares this value using "== kCFBooleanTrue", instead of sending the message -boolValue.  This method should use -boolValue or some similar mechanism to check the value in order to make it less susceptible to compiler subtleties.


Closed due to fixes in rdar://12761621.

Closed due to fixes in rdar://12761621.

Closed due to fixes in rdar://12761621.

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