Unlocked iPhone should not require SIM Card to be activated

Number:rdar://14425938 Date Originated:July 12, 2013
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:iPhone SDK Product Version:7.0
Classification:Serious Bug Reproducible:Always

As a developer I have a ton of iOS devices around for testing purposes. To avoid hassles I bought most of them directly from Apple or paid a fee to have the SIM lock removed.

However when restoring an iPhone you still are required to put a SIM card into a phone or otherwise you get an "Activation Failed" message. 

Steps to Reproduce:

- Remove the SIM card from a sim-unlocked iPhone
- Restore iOS (e.g. any 7 seed)
- After choosing your country and WiFi, try to activate

Expected Results:

- A SIM-unlocked iPhone should activate over WiFi without requiring a SIM card

Actual Results:

- Activation Fails with an "Activation Failed" error message
- You have to start over after placing any SIM card into the phone to activate it


This problem existed since forever.


This is a big hassle and worry for me because I don't have as many contracts as I have iPhones. Also for most testing purposes you don't need any cellular data in iPhones, but just WiFi. Also some day I might have only Nano SIMs left if everybody is on an iPhone 5 and then I wouldn't have any SIM card available to activate older iPhones.

If I buy a SIM-unlocked iPhone from Apple or pay to unlock any iPhone after contract I should never again be forced to put a SIM card into this phone.


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