[Radar] Radarweb disincentives me to file radars

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TL/DR - radarweb makes me sad.  I want to submit bugs, but radarweb eats up my time.  Making me sad.

RadarWeb makes me dread filing bugs.  This past weekend I submitted eight or nine bugs I found in Xcode 4, some of which had screen recordings to describe the problem, and ended up wasting a lot of time due to problems like:

 * Bugs not getting submitted with this message:
"Did not receive any response from application. It is possible that
the application does not exist, or that the requested url is
And my previous bug submission was lost.

  * Radar web going to a generic error page  .And my previous bug submission was lost.

  * Radar web deciding randomly it wants me to re-authenticate.  And my previous bug contents are lost.

  * The back button is broken so if did attempt to go 'back' in any of these situations, the bug submission page reloads, and I lose my previous bug submission.

 * file uploads that seem to succeed, but don't show the "blah.mov successfully uploaded"

 * Going through previous bugs is very slow.  Sometimes searches take 10-20 seconds to complete.

 * No direct linking from a "please give us more info" email to the actual bug.  This now involves searching to find the bug, so I hit the above slowness issue.

* I've asked a friend inside if they see slowness with Radar, and got the response "hell no, we've got an app for that"

* Can't open bug reports in tabs.  Each tab requires a reauthentication, which then screws up the other tabs that are open.

I've submitted 50 radars since WWDC 2010, and have been frustrated nearly every time.  Many of which I had to submit two or three times due to radar web lossage.  I've lost hours to radarweb that I could have been using to work on my own product.  I would love to help Apple, and especially the Xcode4 team since I run into Xcode4 issues all the time, but if I know each one is going to be a time sink, waiting to see how radarweb is going to fail me, it's just not worth it.

So what would make me happy?

  * Don't lose my half-filed bug report, ever
  * Have "more info please" emails have a direct link 
  * Make file uploading reliable
  * Let me have tabs open to multiple bugs at once


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