HTML Select objects fail in Slide Over when compact horizontal

Number:rdar://25006548 Date Originated:03/07/2016
Status:Duplicate of 22268487 Resolved:03/09/2016
Product:iOS Product Version:9.2.1
Classification:Serious Reproducible:Always
If you run an app that uses a WKWebView to show an HTML <select> field in Slide Over on an iPad (1/3 Width), you can not select an option value. Tapping the select field invokes a modal which does not dismiss when tapping a selection.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Open this page in Safari on your Mac:
2. Choose File -> Share -> Email This Page
3. Send the mail to an account you can access on your iPad
4. Launch any app other than Mail on your iPad
5. Invoke Slide Over and choose Mail such that Mail is showing on the right hand 1/3 of your iPad
6. Navigate to the mail you sent yourself in step #3
7. Tap "Jan"

A modal view appears with Jan - Dec

8. Tap "Sep"

Sep is selected and the modal view is dismissed

The modal view disappears. Unclear whether Sep is selected or not.

This can be reproduced in an app with just a WKWebView, but it's easier to show you a way to do it in a shipping iOS app.

This cannot be reproduced using Safari, so try this:
1. Change the Slide Over app to Safari
2. Open this page:
3. Tap "Jan"

The selection appears in a modal popup view.

It would seem that it's possible to work around the WKWebView bug somehow.

DTS begs to differ in response 636921784: "Our engineers have reviewed your request and have determined that you are experiencing an issue for which there is no known workaround at this time."

Expected Results:
Expected the modal view to be dismissed after the selection is made.

Actual Results:
Modal view remains after the selection is made, and user can no longer interact with app.

iOS 9.2.1 (13D15)

It's possible to reproduce this with a basic app with just a WKWebView, so I've tested with Xcode against up to iOS 9.3b4.

This bug is a duplicate of 23810163 and 22268487. Filed at behest of DTS exchange regarding workaround.

iPad mini Retina (MF086LL/A)


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