Xcode: adding files relative to DerivedSources

Number:rdar://10488973 Date Originated:2010-11-27
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:Developer Tools Product Version:4.2.1/4D502
Classification:Enhancement Reproducible:Not applicable
Xcode nudges users towards using $DERIVED_FILE_DIR (…/$CONFIGURATION/target.build/DerivedSources/) as the output file for script phases. However, there doesn’t seem to be a supported way to add references to files in this directory in a configuration-neutral manner.

Steps to Reproduce:
* Create a new project. (example attached)
* Add a new shell script build phase with a script like:
        mkdir -p "$DERIVED_FILE_DIR"
        cd "$DERIVED_FILE_DIR"
        echo "#include <stdio.h>" > DoSomething.c
        echo "void DoSomething(void) { printf(\"Hello, world\n\"); }" >> DoSomething.c
* Build the project.
* Add the generated file to the project.
* Clean the project, then build a different configuration (e.g., using Build for Archive).

Expected Results:
* The file should be generated and compiled.

Actual Results:
* The file is generated in the active configuration’s DerivedSources directory, but compilation fails because the reference points to a file in the wrong configuration’s DerivedSources directory.

Unknown; I’ve used this type of arrangement in Xcode 3, but I can’t remember if I had trouble setting it up.

My solution was to manually edit the project file to replace the configuration name in the reference with $CONFIGURATION. Ideally, adding a reference to a file in a DerivedSources directory (for any target/configuration combination in the project) would add a configuration-neutral reference, either by using a path with $CONFIGURATION in it or by adding a DerivedSources-relative sourceTree.


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