Health Kit should allow tracking of menstrual cycle data

Number:rdar://17282782 Date Originated:06/11/2014
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Menstrual cycle data is a glaring omission from the supported data types — a huge percentage of women & girls use various period tracker apps and fertility tracker apps to monitor their monthly cycles and predict future cycles. Women are asked about the regularity of their cycles at nearly every doctors appointment, and girls are told to track their periods as soon as they begin menstruating. Every single women I know uses an iPhone app to do this. Users are essentially locked in to a period tracking app because exporting and reimporting is virtually impossible. 

Furthermore, medical professionals ask women to correlate some of the other data types & categories that were included in Health Kit with their monthly cycles (i.e. sleep, appetite). 

As a start, allowing either cycle length or period began & length would be great.

Steps to Reproduce:
Try to use Health Kit API to store menstrual cycle data. 

Expected Results:
The API allows this, and there are are appropriate HKQuantityType identifiers, HKCategoryType identifiers, and so on. 

Actual Results:
There is no way to store this data using Health Kit. 

iOS 8.0 (12A4265u)


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