[Swift] Objective-C methods with varargs are not exposed to Swift

Number:rdar://17302764 Date Originated:6/13/14
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Variadic Objective-C methods are not exposed to Swift. This makes significant chunks of code unavailable from Swift. Some APIs duplicate variadic methods with similar methods which take an array. These are exposed to Swift, and work fine. However, this puts the onus on framework developers to make sure their APIs are fully exposed to Swift. It would be significantly better if the variadic Objective-C methods were exposed directly in Swift in some fashion.

Steps to Reproduce
1. Load the attached Xcode project and attempt to build it.

Expected Results
The code compiles as is, or perhaps with minor modifications at the call site to handle any special syntax Swift may require.

Actual Results
The project fails to build with errors in ASMSwiftTest.swift because it attempts to use Obj-C APIs involving variadic methods. There does not appear to be any means of working around this problem.


Xcode Version
Xcode 6 Beta 1

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