Swift block comment markers can fail to comment out code

Number:rdar://18138958 Date Originated:26-Aug-2014 11:27 PM
Status:Behaves correctly Resolved:No
Product:Developer Tools Product Version:Xcode 6
Classification: Reproducible:Always
Contrary to their claimed behavior (of nesting cleanly), in some situations Swift block comment markers can fail to successfully comment out code.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. In a Swift playground, copy the following code:

println("The basic operators are +-*/%");

2. Modify it so that it reads:

println("The basic operators are +-*/%");

Expected Results:
After 2., the code is commented out without error.

Actual Results:
Xcode reports three errors:
- "Expected expression after unary operator" on line 2
- "Unterminated string literal" on line 2
- "Unexpected end of block comment" on line 3

Xcode Version 6.0 (6A280e) (aka Xcode6 beta6)
Mac OS X 10.9.4

When fixing this bug, make sure there is no regression for this code:

/* I'd like to thank my family for introducing me to computers at an early age ":-) */

which is currently processed as a comment without error. Good luck.

There is, surprisingly, a workaround: adding a clever line before allows to create this:

// /*
println("The basic operators are +-*/%");

which can cleanly be commented out:

// /*
println("The basic operators are +-*/%");

However, it is hardly an elegant method…

C/C++/Objective-C has a similar issue, but it does not claim to always be able to comment out code using block comment markers, and has preprocessor directives (#if 0/#endif) to perform the job in that case; I do not know of such an alternative method in Swift.




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