Core Data editor does not take optional attributes into account when generating Swift code

Number:rdar://19703082 Date Originated:03-Feb-2015 08:29 PM
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:iOS SDK Product Version:8.1
Classification:Other Bug Reproducible:Always

If an attribute is marked as optional in the Core Data model, the generated Swift code will include it as a regular property. This leads to not being able to check if it is actually nil and can therefore lead to crashes at runtime as every access is treated as a force unwrap.

Steps to Reproduce:

1. Create a an entity with the Core Data editor
2. Add an attribute which is optional
3. Generate code (Swift)

Expected Results:

The attribute should be a Swift optional typed property.

Actual Results:

The attribute will be a regularly typed property.

Regression: -

Notes: -


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