Cocoa Touch Frameworks lose their IBDesignable and IBInspectables

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When creating a Cocoa Touch Frameworks that has IBDesignable and IBInspectable tags and then importing the resulting .framework into another project. The tags are stripped out from the code, making all the custom views appear blank. Mind you, they will still render find once deployed, but you lose that great Xcode 6 feature

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Create a framework with custom views and IBDesignable, IBInspectables tags. (Or just use this example
2. Compile the framework
3. Create another project and embedded the previous framework in it
4. Custom textfields won't render and the IBDesignable, IBInspectables tags are lost

Expected Results:
The custom views should render and IBDesignable, IBInspectables should appear in the inspector

Actual Results:
The custom views remain blank and the IBDesignable, IBInspectables don't appear in the inspector

8.0 and above


Xcode 6


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